Joe Evearts

My name is Joe Evearts. I am a licensed manager-barber, and I am the owner of Joeʼs Throwback Barbershop. I have been cutting hair since the age of 16 — barbering has been my passion in life since the first snip of the shears! I enjoy getting to know my clients and creating the perfect hairstyle for them. Trends come and go, but friendships and the bonds built therein are my passion in this craft.

When I’m away from the chair, I enjoy spending time with my family. We love day tripping to the beach, NYC, or DC — you name it, we do it. I am blessed to have a loving wife and family who take great care of me! I also enjoy working out and spending time with my sons and stepdaughters, if you include our dog Max (FYI A HUNDRED POUND PITBULL lol). We are very much a Brady Bunch, three boys and three girls, with Max being the third boy!

My career as a barber is a work in progress. Iʼm 46 with 30 years’ experience, and I feel my best years are in front of me. Itʼs been a lot of fun so far, and I enjoy keeping up with the ever-changing hairstyle trends, as well as the old school ones! One of my favorite services to give are straight razor shaves. Itʼs pretty cool watching the stress of the day melt away as my clients enjoy receiving that service! Thank you if you took the time to read this. Have a

blessed day, I hope to meet you soon!

Ps: We have a Cat too! Her name is CAT! Pretty original, right! Lol

Sincerely, Joe the Barber

Jarred Fox

My name’s Jarred Fox, and barbering has played a significant role in my life. Since the age of 12, I started cutting my own hair and lead on to buzz cuts and tight fades on my friends and family. Cutting hair had always floated in the background of my life for years until I officially started working in shops and decided to pursue a career within the industry.

The creative aspect that barbering brings to the table is what intrigued me the most, along with meeting new faces and learning from others through conversations behind the chair. When it came time to decide what I was going to do, I began self-educating myself on barbering and various forms of self-development so I could prosper in the industry. I enjoy consistently meeting new people and providing them with the services they could not find elsewhere.

Versatility plays a key role in barbering, so I’m always trying to innovate my style and approach the wide variety of haircuts that come in and out of the shop daily, although I do enjoy tight fades, sharp lines, and razor work the most, because that’s the category in which my own haircut is placed in and I feel as if I can get the best understanding of what people want when I resonate with them.

I plan on growing in this industry even if that means I’m no longer behind the chair someday, and that’s part of the reason on why my goal is to master the craft and take each and every individual haircut with maximum effort and full awareness of the task at hand, so I can grow past my current level and continuously grow on to the next.

Matt Moran

My name is Matt Moran. My journey with barbering began at the age of 16. I had just recently moved to Ireland where my family was originally from before moving to Philadelphia when I was 2 years old! I found myself with a very strong interest in the world of barbering, from clean fades and line ups to the precise scissor work and all the different hairstyles that you can achieve through solid techniques.

Once I knew this was what I wanted to pursue, I began searching for a barbershop that would take me under their wing and show me how it’s done. I eventually got an apprenticeship at one of the best shops in Northern Ireland. During the time that I was with them, I gained a general understanding of how hair works and developed my own style of cutting! I found that clean fades, line ups, and natural looking blow-dried styles gave me the most satisfaction, and I eventually saw barbering as a true art form.

After my time in Ireland, I found myself back in Philadelphia with an opportunity to work alongside my childhood friend Jarred and the owner of the shop, Joe. And ever since the first day I started, I knew I wanted to be a part of Joe’s shop and the great reputation that he has. I found that there was a huge difference in the Irish/European hair styles and the American hair styles. After thoroughly learning and experiencing both sides, I started to bridge the gap between the two and used the best of both worlds. Cutting hair is a true passion for me, and I will always be willing to learn more about the industry and be constantly looking for improvement in my craft.