All of Joe’s Throwback Barbershop services are performed with unique style and dedication to making our clients happy. We have a range of services available for you.

Joe’s Throwback Barbershop welcomes all customers to our barber chairs. We take pride in our work and encourage you to come in for one of our top quality services. Give Joe’s Throwback Barbershop a call today at (267) 588-3850!

Men’s Haircut – $30

Men’s Haircut and Beard Trim – $40

We have a variety of haircuts available including fauxhawks, blowouts, ivy leagues, and scissor cuts. All of our haircuts are finished with straight razor service.

Seniors, Children’s (10 and under), Buzzcut Discount — $25

Seniors, kids under 10, and those getting a buzzcut haircut all receive a discount.

Buzz Cut — $20

Straight Razor Shave — $30

For a real pampering experience, try a full service straight razor shave. You might just have the smoothest shave of your life!

Haircut and Hot Towel Shave — $50

The classic combo.

Beard and Mustache Shaping and Design – $15 – $25

If you’re having trouble in the shaping department, Joe’s Throwback Barbershop has got your back. We provide personalized shapings to both beards and mustaches. If you’re just in need of a trim, we’re the place for you. It can be tricky to get the length of your beard or mustache just right, so let us do the job for you. We also offer hair and beard designs that are especially suited to your face and head shape. Update your style and try a hair or beard design.

Skin Fades

We offer all types of fades. From high to low fade tapered haircuts, there’s an ideal type for you. Change up your look and try getting a skin fade!